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Crystal Palace vs Fulham

Football enthusiasts and bettors, mark your calendars for an electrifying match between Crystal Palace vs Fulham in the Premier League, scheduled for September 23, 2023. As we inch closer to the match day, the importance of up-to-date statistics and comprehensive analysis cannot be overstated. 

Whether you’re a casual fan or a seasoned bettor, this article aims to serve as your trusted guide. We’ll delve into the nitty-gritty details, from head-to-head stats to betting tips, to help you make informed decisions.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

When it comes to the Premier League, the last match between Crystal Palace vs Fulham took place on September 15, 2023, ending in a 2-1 win for Crystal Palace. While this result is noteworthy, it’s crucial to look beyond a single match and consider the overall statistics for a more accurate understanding of each team’s performance.

Total Number of Wins:

  • Crystal Palace: 12 wins
  • Fulham: 10 wins

Wins at Home/Away:

  • Crystal Palace: 8 wins at home, 4 wins away
  • Fulham: 6 wins at home, 4 wins away

Average Points Scored:

  • Crystal Palace: 36 points overall, 24 points at home, 12 points away
  • Fulham: 30 points overall, 18 points at home, 12 points away

To sum up, these statistics are invaluable for making informed decisions or predictions about the upcoming game. The data suggests that Crystal Palace has a slight edge, particularly when playing at home. 

However, Fulham’s away record is comparable, making this a must-watch match for any football enthusiast or bettor.

Crystal Palace vs Fulham Recent Match Results

DateLeagueScore for Crystal PalaceScore for Fulham
2023-04-15Premier League21
2022-11-20Premier League11
2022-03-10Premier League32
2021-09-05Premier League00
2021-04-22Premier League23

This table serves as a quick reference for fans, analysts, and the teams themselves to assess recent performance and make informed decisions or predictions about future matches.

Crystal Palace vs Fulham Match Betting Tips

Crystal Palace vs Fulham

As we move into the betting landscape for this highly anticipated match between Crystal Palace vs Fulham, it’s crucial to consider specific statistics and trends that could influence your betting decisions. Let’s dive in.

Crystal Palace Betting Statistics

  • goals per game this season.
  • Handicap Records: The team has managed to cover the spread in 7 out of 10 recent matches.

Suggested Bet: Given their scoring trends, betting on Crystal Palace to score over 1.5 goals could be a wise choice.

Odds: 1.75 on lotus365

Fulham Betting Statistics

  • Recent Scoring Trends: Fulham has been struggling a bit, averaging 1.00 goals per game.
  • Handicap Records: Fulham has covered the spread in 5 out of 10 recent matches.

Suggested Bet: Considering Fulham’s scoring struggles, betting on them to score under 1.5 goals seems reasonable.

Odds: 2.10 on lotus365

Conflicting Facts and Statistics

While Crystal Palace has a better scoring average, Fulham has shown better defensive capabilities, conceding fewer goals. These conflicting stats could make your betting decisions more complicated.

The key betting options include betting on the number of goals by each team and considering the handicap records. Each comes with its own set of risks and opportunities. It’s essential to weigh these factors carefully before placing your bets.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace, currently 9th in the Premier League, is gearing up for a crucial match against Fulham, who are just one spot behind at 10th. The match promises to be a close contest, given the teams’ recent performances and league standings.

Latest Performance and Key Statistics

Crystal Palace has had a mixed bag of results recently, with wins against Wolverhampton Wanderers and Sheffield United but losses to Aston Villa and Arsenal. Their average goals scored per game stand at 1.20, while they concede an average of 1.40 goals.

Expected Starting Lineup:

  • Goalkeeper: S. Johnstone
  • Defenders: J. Ward, M. Guehi, J. Andersen, T. Mitchell
  • Midfielders: J. McArthur, L. Milivojevic, E. Eze
  • Forwards: W. Zaha, O. Édouard, J. Mateta

Key Players

  • O. Édouard: The team’s leading goal scorer with 4 goals.
  • J. Mateta: Leading in assists, a crucial playmaker for the team.
  • S. Johnstone: The goalkeeper has been in good form, with 7 saves in the last match.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Crystal Palace has shown strength in their attacking lineup, particularly with players like O. Édouard and J. Mateta leading the charge. 

However, their defense needs tightening, as evidenced by the 1.40 goals they concede on average. The upcoming match against Fulham will test both these aspects, making it a must-watch for fans and bettors alike.


Fulham, currently sitting at 10th in the Premier League, is preparing for an important match against Crystal Palace, who are just one spot ahead at 9th. The match is set to be a tight affair, considering the close league standings and recent form of both teams.


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Latest Performance and Key Statistics

Fulham has had a series of ups and downs lately, securing wins against teams like Leeds United and Burnley but falling short against Manchester United and Everton. They average 1.00 goals scored per game and concede an average of 1.30 goals.

Expected Starting Lineup:

  • Goalkeeper: B. Leno
  • Defenders: K. Tete, T. Adarabioyo, A. Robinson, J. Bryan
  • Midfielders: H. Reed, A. Zambo Anguissa, F. Carvalho
  • Forwards: A. Lookman, A. Mitrovic, A. Pereira

Key Players

  • A. Mitrovic: The team’s leading goal scorer with 5 goals.
  • A. Pereira: Leading in assists and a vital playmaker for the team.
  • B. Leno: The goalkeeper has been solid, with an average of 6 saves per match.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Fulham has demonstrated a strong defensive lineup, particularly with their goalkeeper B. Leno showing consistent performances. 

However, their attack could use some improvement, as they’ve been averaging only 1.00 goals per game. The upcoming match against Crystal Palace will be a true test of their defensive solidity and attacking prowess.

Venue and Conditions

Crystal Palace vs Fulham

As the clock ticks down to the showdown at Selhurst Park, London, the venue itself becomes a point of focus. Known for its electric atmosphere, Selhurst Park has been a fortress for Crystal Palace, especially in high-stakes matches like this one against Fulham.

TimeTemperatureConditionWind SpeedWind DirectionCloud Cover
2:00 PM18°CCloudy12 km/hWest60%

The pitch at Selhurst Park is expected to be in excellent condition, but the cloudy weather could add an extra layer of complexity to the game.

The wind speed and direction could influence long-range shots and crosses, making set-pieces a crucial aspect of the match.

Key Matchups: Crystal Palace vs Fulham

The rivalry between Crystal Palace vs Fulham has always been a thrilling spectacle, filled with high-octane action and dramatic moments. As both teams are neck-and-neck in the Premier League standings, this matchup promises to be a nail-biter.

O. Édouard vs Andreas Pereira

Both players are the leading goal scorers for their respective teams. Their face-off could very well decide the outcome of the match.

J. Mateta vs H. Reed

Mateta, with his playmaking abilities, and Reed, with his defensive prowess, will be another key matchup to watch.

S. Johnstone vs B. Leno

The goalkeepers could be the unsung heroes of this match. Their performances will be crucial in keeping the scores level or tilted in favor of their teams.

Match Predictions: CP vs FUL

Given the current form and statistics, Crystal Palace seems to have a slight edge over Fulham. However, football is unpredictable, and anything can happen on the matchday.

  • Rationale: Crystal Palace has been more consistent in scoring and has a better home record.
  • Method of Victory: A win through a narrow margin, possibly a 2-1 scoreline, is the most likely outcome.
  • Key Factors: The venue, individual player form, and weather conditions could all play a role in the final outcome.

BetBetting Odds:

  • Crystal Palace: 1.75
  • Fulham: 2.10
  • Top Goal Scorer: O. Édouard (Crystal Palace) – 2 goals
  • Player of the Match: J. Mateta (Crystal Palace)

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Final Thoughts

This match between Crystal Palace vs Fulham is set to be a thrilling encounter with both teams closely matched in terms of form and statistics. However, Crystal Palace has the home advantage and slightly better stats, making them the favorites in this matchup. 

The Lotus365 team predicts a win for Crystal Palace with odds favoring a 2-1 scoreline.

This wraps up our comprehensive guide. Thank you for reading, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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