South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI

South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI Match Prediction

The cricketing giants, South Africa vs. Australia, are all set to face each other in the climax 5th ODI of the Australia tour of South Africa 2023. 

This pulsating encounter is scheduled to be held in Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, on September 17, 2023, promising a daytime thriller.

The city of Johannesburg, bathed in daylight, will form the perfect backdrop for this captivating daytime clash between two of the game’s premier teams, SA vs AUS.

As the climax of the Australia tour of South Africa 2023 approaches, the significance of the 5th ODI is real. 

Both teams have given their all in the preceding matches, creating moments of brilliance, strategy, and sheer passion.

Throughout the series, there have been momentum swings as both teams demonstrated their strengths. This final ODI isn’t just about the winner of the match but potentially the winner of the series, with national pride and years of rivalry on the line.

Each delivery, each shot, and each strategy would carry with it the aspirations of millions.

A victory here isn’t just a win on the scoreboard but a statement of dominance in world cricket. As fans from both nations and neutral lovers of the sport gear up, one thing is certain: 

A huge match is about to take place in Johannesburg.

South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI: A Head-to-Head Showdown

Whenever South Africa and Australia have clashed on the cricket pitch, it’s been nothing less than a contest. 

Their recent face-off in the 4th ODI was a testament to their intense rivalry and the pulsating brand of cricket they bring to the table.
Australia and South Africa have a long history of playing cricket, dating back to 1902. 

They have played each other over 203 times in all formats. Australia has won 114 matches, while South Africa has come out on top 85 times. The remaining three games ended in ties.

South Africa vs Australia rivalry has seen many thrilling encounters:

StatsSouth AfricaAustralia
Total Matches Played104 104
Tournament Titles1 (ICC Champions Trophy 1998)5 (The ICC Cricket World Cup 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015)
Highest ScoreOn March 12, 2006, in Johannesburg, the score was 438/9 after 50 overs.On March 12, 2006, a total of 434 runs were scored in 50 overs at Johannesburg.
Lowest Score69/10 (32.5 overs) on April 25, 1994 at Sharjah70/10 (26.3 overs) on January 27, 1986 at Adelaide

Team Analysis for the South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI Match

Team Analysis for the South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI

South Africa and Australia have carved a niche in the annals of cricket with their exceptional skill and relentless drive. 

Their confrontations on the field are a masterclass of cricketing prowess, often blurring the lines between victory and defeat.

As we go deeper into this analysis, focusing on Team South Africa, we’ll focus on the key components and players that elevate them internationally.

South Africa

The cricket team of South Africa, famous for their aggressive playing style and strategic abilities, is preparing for their upcoming match against Australia. 

Their recent performance in the series has indicated progress, particularly following their win in the 4th ODI.

The Latest Performance and Key Statistics

South Africa, in their recent series, has shown fluctuating form. Their batting order, especially the middle, has shown flashes of excellence, while the bowling department, particularly the pacers, has been intimidating on good days. 

They’ve won 2 of their last 5 matches, with the top and middle order being the significant contributors.

Details of the Expected Lineup

The expected starting lineup for South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI includes Temba Bavuma (Captain, Reeza Hendricks, Aiden Markram, Rassie van der Dussen, Quinton de Kock (Wicketkeeper), Aiden Markram, Rassie van der Dussen, David Miller, Dewald Brevis (Batting AllrounderAllrounder), Marco Jansen (Bowling AllrounderAllrounder), Andile Phehlukwayo (Bowling AllrounderAllrounder.

  • Quinton de Kock: A dynamic wicketkeeper-batter, de Kock can take the game away in a flash. His aggressive batting and experience will be crucial.
  • Kagiso Rabada: One of the world’s premier fast bowlers, Rabada has pace, swing, and the knack for picking up key wickets.
  • Aiden Markram: An elegant opener who can stabilize the innings or go on the offensive depending on the situation.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The South Africa draw significant advantage from playing at home, with known conditions and roaring crowd support acting as a morale booster. 

Their pace attack, featuring Rabada, Ngidi, and Nortje, can prove lethal, capable of unsettling the Australian lineup. Adding to their strengths is the solid middle order, with de Kock’s firepower, Miller’s experience, and Bavuma’s leadership forming a formidable trio.

On the flip side, aside from the dependable Markram, the top order needs to be more consistent, which can place undue pressure on the middle. Their spin department, when compared to Australia’s, seems less potent, a potential weak link if the pitch assists spin. 

Moreover, the high stakes of the 5th ODI might amp up the pressure on the home team. This blend of strengths and vulnerabilities will shape South Africa’s performance in the decider.


Australia, a titan in cricket, has long blended relentless aggression with refined skill, particularly in the One Day Internationals. 

Their illustrious legacy and indomitable spirit have always kept them in the upper echelons of the sport.

Australia have been in scintillating form lately, riding a wave of victories that have significantly bolstered their confidence. This momentum is set to add an edge to their face-off with South Africa.

In their recent encounters, they’ve demonstrated remarkable prowess with the willow and the leather.
Their standout performers haven’t merely been participating but orchestrating wins, underlining the Australian team’s reputation as a formidable adversary. 

Given this backdrop, their upcoming tussle with South Africa promises to be an electrifying affair.

Latest Performance and Key Statistics

Australia has been performing impressively in the world of cricket lately. Their recent string of victories has bolstered their confidence and lifted their spirits.

Their current winning streak may prove to be critical in their upcoming game against South Africa.

IIn recent matches, Australia’s batsmen and bowlers have performed exceptionally well. The team’s essential members have consistently delivered crucial performances, greatly contributing to the team’s success. 

This match against South Africa will require consistent performance from their key players.

Details of the Expected Lineup

For the impending 5th ODI against South Africa, Australia is expected to field a lineup brimming with players who are in top-notch form:

Key players for this SA vs AU 5th ODI match include:

  • David Warner: A seasoned campaigner, his combative approach at the outset can provide Australia with the launchpad they often desire.
  • Mitchell Marsh: Marsh will be crucial for Australia as both captain and allrounder, relying on his batting and bowling skills.
  • Pat Cummins: As the vanguard of Australia’s pace battery, Cummins has the potential to make early inroads, thereby destabilizing the South African batting order.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Australia’s formidable batting, highlighted by Warner’s aggression and Marsh’s versatility, offers varied innings-building strategies. 

Their pace strength, led by Cummins and Hazlewood, can unsettle even elite batting orders. Furthermore, allrounders like Marsh and Stoinis provide depth in batting and bowling.

However, challenges loom. Their spin attack, primarily Zampa, might need to catch up against South Africa, especially on spin-friendly pitches. 

The middle-order, beyond key players, has shown inconsistency and could falter under pressure. Adapting to South African conditions quickly will be vital. Australia will maximize its strengths while addressing potential pitfalls as they approach this crucial clash.

Venue and Conditions

The mid-day encounter between SA vs AU at the iconic Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg promises to be influenced by typical early spring conditions.

Mid-day 18-25°CPartly cloudy10-15 km/hNorth-EastModerate

Weather Conditions

With temperatures ranging from a comfortable 18-25°C, players are unlikely to face extreme weather-related challenges. The partly cloudy skies and moderate cloud cover may provide a slight advantage to swing bowlers, especially during the early overs.

The wind speed of 10-15 km/h blowing from the northeast could further accentuate the ball’s movement, adding an extra challenge for the batsmen.

Historically, Wanderers has been known for its bouncy wickets. Given the altitude of Johannesburg, batters might also find the ball traveling faster in the air. 

Both teams would need to strategize, keeping in mind these atmospheric nuances, to gain an edge in this crucial encounter.

Effects of Conditions

The conditions at Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg during September are set to influence various facets of the SA vs. AU encounter. 

With spring setting in, the mild temperatures will ensure players remain in their peak physical condition throughout the match, minimizing fatigue-related errors.

However, the wind and overcast conditions could be a boon for swing bowlers, challenging the batsmen, especially during the powerplay overs. The cloud cover might make the ball move more than usual, requiring batters to be vigilant. 

The pitch, set at a high altitude, offers a double-edged sword. While batsmen can capitalize on the ball traveling faster for their aerial shots, bowlers can use the altitude to generate additional bounce, surprising the opposition.

In essence, both teams need to be adaptable, harnessing the conditions to their advantage while negating the challenges they present.

Key Matchups: Australia vs South Africa 5th ODI

Key Matchups: Australia vs South Africa 5th ODI

The South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI cricket rivalry is one of the most thrilling in history. 

Both teams have had many memorable encounters over the years, each match bringing its own thrilling moments.

David Warner vs Kagiso Rabada

This is a classic contest between bat and ball. With his aggressive intent, Warner will look to dominate from the outset. 

Rabada, on the other hand, with his pace and swing, will aim to send Warner back to the pavilion early. This contest in the initial overs could set the tone for the rest of the match.

Quinton de Kock vs Pat Cummins

As two of the most experienced players from their respective teams, this matchup is pivotal. de Kock’s dynamic batting style might look to unsettle Cummins’ rhythm.

Still, Cummins, known for his accuracy and ability to extract bounce, will seek to outfox the South African wicketkeeper-batter.


Aiden Markram vs Mitchell Marsh

Markram’s elegance and ability to shift gears make him a key wicket for Australia. With his medium pace and ability to move the ball, Marsh could be introduced into the attack to break a potential partnership.

Additionally, if Marsh is bowling during the middle overs and Markram is set, their duel could influence the game’s trajectory.

These matchups are about individual brilliance and strategy, game awareness, and understanding the situation. Whichever side wins more of these key battles might have a significant advantage as the match progresses.

Match Predictions: Australia

Match Predictions: Australia

Likely Outcome Predicted: South Africa to win by 30 runs or 4 wickets.

Looking at how both teams are playing right now South Africa seems to have the upper hand based on the recent form and the team compositions. 

Their batting lineup, boasting players like Kock, Rabada, and Markram, can set big targets or chase down challenging totals can pose significant challenges for the Australia top order. 

It is predicted that the key to winning will be a powerful display of batting skills. If South Africa bats first, they might set a target beyond Australia’s reach, winning by approximately 40 runs.

If South Africa chases, their batting strength might see them over the line with around 4 wickets.
However, several key factors could significantly influence the outcome of the upcoming match between South Africa and Australia at the Wanderers.

Firstly, the pitch and weather conditions will play a pivotal role; should the Wanderers pitch favor spin and prove slower than anticipated, it may pose challenges to Australia’s batting, thereby giving South Africa an edge.

Moreover, the initial face-offs during the first powerplay, particularly between Rabada and Warner, and Cummins and de Kock, can set the tone and momentum for the entire game.

Equally crucial will be the management of the middle overs by both teams, as their ability to regulate run rate and wickets during this period can potentially determine the match’s direction.

Here’s the Betting Odds & Predicted Top Performers

Match Winner Odds:

  • Australia: 1.75 (indicating they are slight favorites based on form)
  • South Africa: 2.10

Top Run Scorer Odds:

  • Australia:
      • David Warner: 3.50
      • Mitchell Marsh: 4.00
      • Marnus Labuschagne: 4.50
  • South Africa:
    • Quinton de Kock: 3.40
    • Aiden Markram: 4.20
    • Rassie van der Dussen: 4.70

Top Wicket-Taker Odds:

  • Australia:
      • Pat Cummins: 3.60
      • Josh Hazlewood: 4.00
      • Adam Zampa: 4.40
  • South Africa:
    • Kagiso Rabada: 3.30
    • Lungi Ngidi: 3.90
    • Tabraiz Shamsi: 4.30

Predicted Top Performers:

  • Australia:
      • Batsman: David Warner, given his aggressive approach and experience, is anticipated to capitalize on the South African bowlers, especially in power plays.
      • Bowler: with his pace and bounce, Pat Cummins is expected to pose a significant challenge for the South African top order.
  • South Africa:
    • Batsman: due to his dynamic batting style, Quinton de Kock could exploit the Australian bowlers if he gets set.
    • Bowler: Kagiso Rabada, known for his pace and movement, has the potential to get early breakthroughs, making him a key player.

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South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI Final Thoughts

The 5th ODI between South Africa and Australia at the scenic Wanderers Stadium is more than just a cricket match—it’s a culmination of intense rivalry, storied history, and the sheer unpredictability of the sport. 

With their mix of veteran prowess and youthful exuberance, both teams boast players like Warner, Marsh, de Kock, and Rabada, who can individually turn the tide of the game.

With the series on the line, the stakes are high. While September’s conditions at the Wanderers—high altitude and swing-friendly atmosphere—pose challenges for both teams, they also set the stage for strategic duels and thrilling encounters.

Betting odds might favor Australia slightly, yet cricket has always been a game where stats and predictions often bow to the raw emotion and unpredictability of the live action. 

As both teams gear up for the series decider, it’s evident that while analytics and form provide a roadmap, the true essence of cricket is its inherent uncertainty. Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate a contest with drama, emotion, and top-tier cricketing action.

For fans looking to immerse themselves even deeper into this cricketing carnival, Lotus365 is the platform of choice. It’s not just about witnessing the thrill but actively participating in the unfolding drama. 

Whether you’re rooting for South Africa, cheering on Australia, or simply soaking in the atmosphere, Lotus365 promises an amplified experience. 

Johannesburg is ready, and the world is set to witness a cricketing showdown for the ages.

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